, 3:43 AM IST

ARIES group of companies also expressed its interest in launching world’s first of its kind glass free mobiles, Tablets and Television Units in Telangana with a brand name of Epica with an initial investment of 125 million US Dollars. They requested for approval and allotment of land for the manufacturing unit. Hon’ble CM told them to apply on line in accordance with the provisions of TSiPASS and assured that necessary approval will be given within 15 days. Chief Minister informed them that since launching of policy in June 2015, approvals were given to 82 industries and 13 of them are already into production. ARIES representatives told Hon’ble CM that they have already produced such Televisions in Korea, such Tablets and Mobiles in China. The products will be launched in Telangana during August-September 2016. (Photo: Zabi)