Tuesday , October 18 2016
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‘Purest’ water on the menu comes with 26 pounds price tag


London, July 29 : If you wish to have the purest water then you will really have to dig deep in your pocket, or so it seems looking at a Northern Ireland hotel’s recently launched drinks menu that will be served by a water butler.

The five-star Merchant Hotel in Belfast has announced a new dedicated water menu with the most expensive bottle costing 26.45 pounds and has also revealed their plan to employ water butler, reported the Daily Mail.

Though the hotel will still provide their guests with the option of tap water, this idea of water menu has provoked a debate on social media.

Criticising the hotel Alex Goldberg wrote on Twitter how a water sommelier made him angry while Adam Elliott Segal described it as the stupidest job in the world. (ANI)

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