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Queen`s wheels is on sale

Queen`s wheels is on sale

Johannesburg: The Queen’s ride is pinned on the market. An automaker revealed that the Royal’s Bentley Mulsanne limousine has gone on sale for just under 200,000 pounds.

The Bentley was reserved for exclusive use by the Monarch during a two-year period from 2012 to 2014, when the Bentley was retired from Royal duties, reports

The Mulsanne was pressed into service by the Queen during her Diamond Jubilee celebrations and for a unique visit to 10, Downing Street where she attended her first-ever Cabinet meeting with Prime Minister David Cameron.

The drive features several upgrades, including walnut burr veneered picnic tables, door panels and rear quarter vanity mirrors.

The car is offered for sale by a dealership based in Bramley, Surrey. (ANI)