Saturday , July 22 2017
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Rahul Gandhi’s top 10 quotes

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi yesterday launched an attack on the Modi government in Lok Sabha. Following are his top 10 quotes from his speech according to TOI:

1. Listen to us, we are not your enemy, we do not hate you.
2. I am not from RSS, I make mistakes. We learn. We don’t claim to know everything
3. The country is not the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister is not the country
4. I am proud that I still live in a country where it’s possible to be confronted by people who don’t hold the same view as yours
5. Govt. has brought ‘Fair and Lovely’ scheme in Budget for people to convert black money into white money
6. We had put Pakistan into a “small cage” after 26/11, PM single-handedly destroyed six years of our work by having tea with Pak PM
7. PM does not listen to anybody, even home minister was not aware of Naga accord which PM signed
8. Why were you silent, Modi ji, when journalists, teachers and students were beaten.
9. When I salute the flag, I am not saluting the cloth. I am saluting the relationships that the flag represents
10. Arun Jaitley came to me and said that there was no better scheme than MNREGA, I asked him ‘why don’t you tell this to your boss’.