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When we understand that all life is made from water, it should make us realize the importance of rain too. As Allah, the Most High says:

“And We made from water every living thing. Then will they not believe?”[1]

Without rain, there would be no life on earth. Through the water cycle, the water descending from the sky maintains life. As Allah, the Most High reminds us:

“And in the water which Allah sends down from the sky and thereby gives life to the earth after its death.”[2]

The benefits of this rain are not limited to the land given life, but ultimately this also becomes sustenance for us in the form of agriculture and livestock. Allah the Most High, reminds us:

“And he has sent down water from the sky to bring forth fruits for your provision.”[3]

Allah has even made this water pure for us so we can use it to fulfil our responsibilities to Him. As Allah the Most High says:

“And He sent down rain from the skies to cleanse you.”[4]

Of course, there are other benefits of rain, like how Allah has made it descend from above, so that it irrigates naturally and effectively across vast areas of land. All of this for free and no return.

Once we reflect upon these benefits, we will recognize that it is Allah that has given us these blessings and no one else. This recognition should drive us to thank Him and worship Him with deeper love and awe. As the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) explained to his companions when they had a night of heavy rain:

“Do you know what your Lord has said?”

They replied: ‘Allah and His Messenger know better.’

Upon this he (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) remarked:
“He has said: ‘Some of My slaves have entered the morning as my believers and some as unbelievers. He who said: We have had a rainfall due to the Grace and Mercy of Allah, believes in Me and disbelieves in the stars; and he who said: We have had a rainfall due to the rising of such and such star, disbelieves in Me and affirms his faith in the stars.”‘[5]

Here the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was teaching his companions to attribute the blessings of rain to Allah and no one else. We should therefore recognise the real provider of this rain, and strive to do further good deeds and show our gratefulness for the favours that Allah has bestowed upon us.

(All Praise And Thanks Are For Allah Alone)

“O Allah! Please keep Thy Blessings And Mercy Upon Us Always!”