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Raveena expresses support for Kangana, makes startling revelation about extra-marital affairs in B-town!

Raveena expresses support for Kangana, makes startling revelation about extra-marital affairs in B-town!

Mumbai: Supporting Kangana Ranaut in her infamous legal battle with Hrithik Roshan, former Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon chose to voice her opinion on the same.

Though the actress said she is “not taking any one particular side” but supports the Kangana for her brave stand. She writes:

“Today social media is abuzz with Kangana Ranaut. She is becoming the symbol /poster girl for feminists across most in support for. I remember first seeing Kangana when she won the newcomers award at an award show in London many years ago, what really impressed me about her was in her acceptance speech , she humbly stated that I will speak in Hindi as my English is not so good (sic)”.

“She, I believe, is someone who will tell the truth, and stand by it. Some do believe and I do too that intimate details about a relationship need not be made public as what happens between two people is for them to know and decide, who are we to judge? (sic)”

In addition to this, Raveena has revealed some shocking facts about  gender bias & male orientation in Bollywood.

“The industry was and maybe is still a hero-oriented one where terms and conditions are dictated by superstar male actors. But the slight shift is there for all to see (sic)”.

 “Much before my generation, in the 70s, some heroines were driven to paranoia and ultimately declare schizophrenics and written off (sic)”.

She wrote about how married male actors try to woo a young heroine and expect her to stay mum about their relationship.

Raveena said,

“So who decides what is the truth? In the 1990s this was so prevalent, a married actor would have a discreet affair with the young heroine he was working with and expected the girl to show no emotion or sign of involvement. And God forbid if in a weak moment she does show, all hell would break loose!

She would lose her films with the co-star, not be spoken to by the hero and his camp – get removed from whatever movies she would have with him and “his people-“. And then would follow a spate of threatening interviews with her under pressure to keep quiet and watch her life and reputation being torn to bits, while the hero would tarnish her name and reputation and, in some interviews proving his machismo image, even threaten to ” break the girl’s face ” if she spoke about him.

The 41-year-old actress is sure that most female actresses may be secretly supporting Kangana’s move.

“Most of the heroines I know secretly might be rooting for Kangana and identifying on some of the points that she’s made. If I applaud Kangana today, is not for that I have already judged who is right or in the wrong, just that it’s high time women find their voice, speak up, and get their due out there (sic)”.

You can read her entire post here.