Relaxing the communal discord, 8 Muslim youth performed last rites of a Hindu man

, 4:00 PM IST
Image courtesy: Jitendra Awhad

Mumbra: Recently, the painful picture of an Orissa man carrying the body of his dead wife on his shoulders for nearly 12km went viral. He had no money for a hearse van and the district hospital authorities allegedly refused to arrange one.

Same incident took place in Kanpur, A small child died on his father’s shoulder on his way to the hospital. While the scene of death is always painful, something turned this sad moment beautiful.

According to the news published in the Indian Express, a group of young Muslims from Mumbra Maharashtra carried a funeral rite of a Hindu man Waman Kadam, 65 year old, who passes away at night in Kausa.

Except his wife no one was there to take care of his last rites but a group of eight Muslims took the responsibility of his funeral.

They purchased every necessity ceremonial items such as bamboo, rope, earthen pots, incense sticks as well as cloth and a thatched mat. Then they carried his body to the crematorium around and performed the last rites.

To their kind gesture Mumbra-Kalwa MLA Jitendra Awhad applauded them in a Facebook post.

“This happens now also …hatred does not work …it’s a everyday story in Mumbra all about #brotherhood” the MLA shared two pictures accompanying his post and wrote. And were also praised by the residents of Muslims dominated Mumbra.