Saturday , August 19 2017
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Researchers accidentally infects herself with Zika

Pittsburgh: A woman researcher at the University of Pittsburgh accidentally infected herself with the dangerous Zika virus while working on an experiment in a lab. The woman stabbed herself with a needle on May 23 while conducting an experiment with the virus. Nine days later, she began experiencing symptoms consistent with the virus, including a fever.

The symptoms later subsided and she returned to work last Monday. Two days later, the university received confirmation a test was positive for the mosquito-borne illness, CNN reported. “On advice of the ACHD (Allegheny County Health Department), the researcher is complying with a request to wear long sleeves and pants and wear insect repellent for three weeks from the date of contact,” a university statement said.

Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County Health Department confirmed the woman no longer has symptoms and said she is doing well. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said health care workers who handle the virus are encouraged to “take precautions to prevent needle sticks or other exposures.”