Restoring Humanity: Muslim woman performs last rites of Hindu man

, 11:20 PM IST

Warangal: A Muslim woman performs the last rites of a Hindu man as per Hindu rituals after his son and family members shrug off their shoulders to do so.

According to Indiatoday reports, Md Yakubee, member of an Sharudaya old age home in hanmakonda of Warangal district of Telangana performed the last rites of 75 years old K.Srinivas, who died on Tuesday after prolong illness.

After Srinivas’s death, the old age home informed about his death to his family.

But shockingly, his son Srahath pay a quick visit and left the place without performing his father’s cremation.

The other members of Sriniva’s family too visited but didn’t came forward for the cremation.

Setting a best example of humanity, Md Yakubee, according to Hindu rituals performed the last rites Srinivas.