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Revealed! Was Rekha responsible for husband Mukesh Aggarwal’s suicide!

Revealed! Was Rekha responsible for husband Mukesh Aggarwal’s suicide!

Mumbai: Life life has always been the subject of a deep mystery. And she has been quite elusive. Bollywood’s ultimate diva Rekha has always been in the news for her affairs, her link ups, her incredible beauty and her amazing acting chops. Her failed marriages and relationships have been the subject of tremendous curiosity, intrigue and interest. But Rekha has always been elusive to the scribe.

But what opened a can of worms of sorts wa the book book revolved around her life. Rekha: The Untold Story written by Yasser Usman sheds light on the much discussed affair Rekha had with Amitabh Bachchan. But that’s not the only topic that has brought Rekha back into the limelight. In fact the book also sheds light on Rekha’s liaisons with other men in her life from the industry like Jeetendra and Vinod Mehra. Rekha’s affair with Bachchan has been discussed for years but not many know about the man she married- Mukesh Agarwal. Who committed suicide. After which Rekha was labelled as the National Vamp by some.

It was insinuated that When Rekha’s husband Mukesh committed suicide in 1990. The Buisnessman from Delhi he was clinically depressed. It didn’t take long for some to jump the gun and claim that Rekha was held responsible for driving him to take such a drastic step. Many from Bollywood refused to support her. In fact, big names like director Subhash Ghai and actor Anupam Kher made some atrocious remarks about Rekha terming her the national vamp.

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This video shows how Rekha’s friend informed her that a certain Mukesh Aggarwal from Delhi was showing intrest in her. At first Rekha refused to contact Mukesh but later on she herself took Mukesh’s number from the friend.

Rekha apparently was tired of a string of alleged affairs and failed relationships and wanted to settle down in life.

After marrying Mukesh Rekha started maintaining distance from him as she discovered that Muesh was clinically depressed. The marriage did not last long as temperament wise Mukesh and Rekha were as different as chalk is from cheese. Thta led to their alleged separation and reports claim that Mukesh could not digest that trauma and went on to commit suicide.