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Rohit Raj: 15-yr-old Dalit, ‘Education Minister’ of Bheem Army

Rohit Raj: 15-yr-old Dalit, ‘Education Minister’ of Bheem Army

“When all else fails, it is permitted to take the sword into one’s hand” – Guru Gobind Singh Ji, 10th Guru of Sikhs

Chandrashekhar Azad, a 30-year-old lawyer and the founder of Bheem Army Ekta Mission formed the Bheem Army in 2014 after his Dalit father Govardhan Das, a headmaster, was frequently humiliated in school meetings, offered separate glass for drinking in staff room etc.

Since then he made the aim of the Bheem Army to be a voice for the voiceless.

Giving special focus on educating the Dalit’s, Bheem Army has started tuition centres following the “Educate, Agitate, Organise” advice of Babasaheb Ambedkar.

15 years old Rohit Raj is well known as Education Minister among Bheem Army. He himself is studying in High School but also teaches at a Bheem Coaching Centre tuition centre for Dalit students and teaches students older than him!

Bheem Coaching Centres were needed to give proper guidance and coaching after observing ignorance for Dalits at local schools.


“Dalits are hard working but why we are denied proper education?” asks Rohit Raj of Bheem Army.

When a few years ago in his village, some so-called upper castes threw black paint on Guru Ravidas statue, Rohit realised the caste realities at a young age and joined the Bheem Army, which was fighting against caste discrimination.

In Bhim Coaching Centres elder students give their time and energy to teach younger students. It is a complete community supporting the project.

The above video shows 15-year-old Rohit questioning the Government fearlessly.

“We teach the higher students who in turn teach lower class students,” says a member.

Even though the Dalit-Bahujan community is full of talent, they don’t get a chance to shine as most of the spaces get occupied with Brahminical forces.

Bheem Army not only fights for the rights of Dalits but organises various camps for blood donation as well as traffic awareness with police. It is a cultural organisation and observes festivals related to Dalit-Bahujans such as Guru Ravidas Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti and Dr Ambedkar Jayanti.

Dr Ambedkar wanted us to come forward and fight for justice in the time like Saharanpur riots. On 13th May, not only in Delhi but in Punjab as well, the Bheem Army gathered to protest against the failure of UP government to protect Dalits of Saharanpur.

Till now, around 100 Dalit houses have been burnt by Thakurs, who are no less than terrorists. Dalits houses have been looted and police remains silent and according to a few eye witnessed police even encouraged Thakurs to burn and loot Dalits’ houses displaying a total failure of Yogi Adityanath led BJP rule in UP.

Bheem Army not only provides education but also provides self-defense coaching to Dalits which came into picture only 2 years ago but it has around 40,000 members.

“When all else fails, it is permitted to take the sword into one’s hand” – Guru Gobind Singh Ji, 10th Guru of Si