Row over controversial GO 425 for possession of Endowment lands

Row over controversial GO 425 for possession of Endowment lands

Hyderabad: Govt. of A.P. issued GO. No 425 which has become controversial. It is humiliating the Muslims and Dalits. Instructions have been issue in the GO to take stern action against the Muslims and Dalits if they do not surrender the endowment lands which they have occupied.

For Dalits, a relaxation has been given that if they no Christian certificate from the church, they would be permitted to use these lands for business and agricultural purposes. It may be noted that in addition to Dalits, other sects of the Hindus also embrace Christianity. This relaxation has not been given to such sects.

If non-Hindu, especially the Muslims are occupying endowment lands, these lands should be taken back immediately. The Muslims who refuse to surrender endowment lands, would have to face legl action.

This GO has irritated the Muslim and dalits.TDP Govt. has not issues any instructions to dislodge the Hindu who have occupied Wakf lands. It may be noted that in many parts of A.P., many Hindus are cultivating on the Wakf lands but Govt. of A.P. overlooked this aspects. This is clearly a step-motherly treatment with the Muslims. The Muslims are demanding if Muslims are being prohibited to use endowment lands, the Hindus should also be dislodged from the Wakf lands.

–Siasat News