Sunday , August 20 2017
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Senior citizen robbed of 4.94 lakhs of money in bus

Mumbai: A senior citizen has been robbed of his employer’s money by two strangers who were travelling with him in the bus.

Raghuram Shrinivas Aaichal (70) from Kamothe in Navi Mumbai works with a private firm was asked to withdraw money by his employer. He was instructed to withdraw the cash from three banks in south Mumbai on Thursday.

He was asked by his employer to withdraw cash from three banks in south Mumbai. Aaichal stays in a rented apartment at Kamothe in Navi Mumbai.

According to a police official at Azad Maidan Police Station, “Aaichal left his residence at 10.30am and withdrew Rs7.94 lakh. He took a bus for CST from Pedar Road.” The officer said Aaichal also claimed to hear the two passengers seated behind him having a conversation about the money.

“He said that the two passengers who were seated behind him, were talking about money, which had been left behind in the bus, but he didn’t bother to look behind because he thought it was a trap,” added the officer. “He thought that looking behind would confirm that he had a lot of cash with him and he may be robbed.”

Aaichal was shocked to find some money missing from his bag when he got off the bus. Following which he informed his employer about the incident and reported the same to Azad Maidan Police.

The robbers made away with 4.94 lakhs of money.

The Police lodged a case of robbery under Section 379 (punishment for theft) of the IPC. “We know the names of the two men sitting behind Aaichal. We have informed our sources and are trying to catch them” said a police official, as reported by the sources.