Seven children die due to septic shock in Jaipur hospital

, 3:54 PM IST

Jaipur (Rajasthan) : At least seven mentally handicap and physically challenged children have died due to septic shock in Jaipur city in the period of around ten days.

“Around 15 children were brought here with Septicemia, septic shock and seven children have died. The reason is very straight. Because of the bacterial infection which has the capability of spreading like a disease and because being mentally handicap and physically challenged they have very low immunity, ” said Dr. Ashok Gupta, Superintintendent, J K Loan Hospital here.

Gupta said that the first case was reported on April 21st and subsequently 15 children were brought to the hospital.

Asserting that the children were in critical condition, Gupta said that hospital authorities were trying their best to safe to children.

“Three kids are in critical condition, three are in ICU, one is in general ward and the next 48 hours are critical because their body temperature has come down, which we call as hypothermia. Blood pressure is low. We are giving them life support system and we are trying our best,” he said.

Gupta also highlighted that three adults died due to same condition in Sawai Man Singh and another one was also reported dead.

He assured that investigation was underway to find the cause behind the series of deaths. But, perhaps believed that the cause was food, water and hygiene related or cross contamination. (ANI)