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Seven Pakistani soldiers get killed in the LOC retaliation

Seven Pakistani soldiers get killed in the LOC retaliation
Picture Courtesy: India Today

New Delhi: Earlier in the day, Pakistani army killed two Indian soldiers and mutilated their bodies, whose retaliation by Indian Army has been done tonight by killing seven Pakistani soldiers and destroying 2 bunkers.

According to the reports, the bunkers were destroyed in Kirpan and Pimple posts opposite to Krishna Ghati area of Mendhar in Jammu. Around five to eight Pakistani Army soldiers of 647 Mujahideen battalion were deployed one post.

Both posts were destroyed and seven soldiers were killed sending a strong message to Pakistan Army, reported India Today.

Pakistan’s Border Action Team (BAT), killed two Indian soldiers under the cover of shelling in Krishna Ghati Sector in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir, officials said.

The army stated that the bodies of soldiers were mutilated while a senior official said that they were beheaded. The BAT team had set up an ambush to target the patrol party of the Indian soldiers while the Pakistan Army engaged two Indian forward defence locations (FDL) with rockets and mortar bombs, the officials said.