Sewing machines distributed by Minorities Finance Corporation

Sewing machines distributed by Minorities Finance Corporation

Hyderabad: In response to a question asked under RTI act, Minorities Finance Corporation revealed that in 2015-16, 321 sewing machines were distributed to 10 various organizations. Public Information Officer of the corporation told that 321 sewing machines were distributed to unemployed women belonging to 9 organizations. He also informed that Achampet MLA of Mehboob Nagar was allotted 100 sewing machines. 20 sewing machines were allotted to Star Art and Cultural Association of Vattepalli of Fatima Nagar whose president is Mr. Mohammed Salahuddin Javeed. 10 machines were allotted to Grace Angelical Church, Uppal, 13 machines to Xion Healing Prayer House, Kukatpally, 19 machines to Grudwara Sahib, Chawni, Attapur, 15 machines to Digamber Jain Samithi, Gaddiannaram. 74 Machines to National Academy of Construction, Kondapur, 25 machines to all India Fakhir BC-E Welfare Association, Jhira, Asif Nagar, 20 machines to Jamiatul Mominath, Moghalpura, 1 machine to Madrasa Arabia Hasanatul Banath, Qutub Shahi Tombs, Towlichowki.

Achampet MLA was given 100 sewing machines and 24 sewing machines on individual applications recommended by him.

The Public Information Officer also informed that these sewing machines were distributed under unemployed women’s scheme. According to Govt. procedure, tenders were invited for purchase of machines. The cost of each machine is Rs. 7980.

–Siasat News