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A ‘Shahenshah’ takes away democracy…like Indira Gandhi during Emergency: BJP

A ‘Shahenshah’ takes away democracy…like Indira Gandhi during Emergency: BJP

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Wednesday castigated Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s ‘Shahenshah’ jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said it was the grand old party which defined the true meaning of ‘dynasty’ rule, while taking a shot at former prime minister Indira Gandhi, saying that she resembled a ‘shahenshah’ as she had taken away democracy during the Emergency.
BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra told ANI that, “Sonia Gandhi calls the Prime minister ‘Shahenshah’. She has to be reminded of the history, what is a Shahenshah? A ‘Shahenshah’ or Badshah is the one who only sees that the dynasty continues, After Nehru it was Indira, after Indira it was Rajiv, after Rajiv it is Sonia, Rahul and Priyanka this is a classic definition of Shenshaaiyat or dynasty rule. What is a Shahenshah? It is who imposes emergency rule taking away democracy as we have seen during the day of Indira Gandhi.”

“In the congress party the family is the party unlike in the BJP where the party is the family,” he added.

Patra further cornered Sonia for defending her son-in law Robert Vadra who is under fire as it has been alleged that a controversial arms dealer bought a ‘benami’ or proxy-owned mansion in London for him in 2009.

“As far as the Robert Vadra case in concerned the media is reporting that there are certain cases going on, if you have truth by your side why should you be so worried. The frustration on your face itself speaks volumes,” said Patra.

Another BJP leader Shania NC also slammed Sonia Gandhi and said that the Congress gets most uncomfortable when legitimate questions are asked.

“Clearly the Congress party is most uncomfortable when there are legitimate questions asked about them. They were the uncrowned kings of India who could just looted the country and if there serious questions and allegations substantiating with papers they must come out in public domain and if they are not guilty what are they worried about why this insecurity,” said Shaina.

Gandhi retorting to allegations levelled against Vadra yesterday, said that the Prime Minister Modi led-NDA government is resorting to new lows everyday to achieve their target of ‘Congress free India’ and dared the Centre to launch a probe.

“All allegations levelled against my family by the opposition are an attempt to attain their goal of Congress free India. All of it is a conspiracy. Every day they are resorting to new lows, every day they are levelling some new allegations,” Sonia said.

Gandhi also criticized the two year bash celebrated by the NDA cadre and termed the event which took place at India gate last week as unethical.

“I have never seen anything of this sort in my entire life. A prime Minister is a Prime Minister not a Shahenshah (emperor). At a time when the nation is reeling under drought and is suffering from poverty, such celebrations are not ethical,” Gandhi said. (ANI)