Thursday , August 24 2017
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‘Siasat gave us support in Hyderabad’: Gujarat riot victim

Hyderabad: Siasat Daily through Siasat Relief fund provided new push carts and goods to 15 to 20 people to do business to help them stand on their own feet. As a result the broken Guajarati Muslims got a little relief. One among them was Mohammed Khaja. 60-year-old, Mohammed Khaja has totally adopted Hyderabad culture. He told that he used to live in Mupana village but when he heard about the riots in Sundarpur where 40 to 45 Muslims were killed and Muslim women were sexually assaulted, he thought it is better to shift to Hyderabad.

Khaja says ‘when health is lost something is lost, when modesty is lost everything is lost.’ Hence he headed towards Hyderabad for the safety of his daughters. By the grace of Allah, 4 of his 6 daughters got married while one is engaged. He told that he had 10 children of which two died at a young age. Now he has 6 daughters and two sons.

Mohammed Khaja recalled that as soon as he arrived at Hyderabad he found a benefactor like Mr. Zahed Ali Khan who provided him with a push cart and business items. Thus Mr. Zahed Ali Khan helped 15 to 20 people by providing them items worth 8 to 10 thousand rupees besides push carts.

Khaja says he never asked anything from anyone in Hyderabad. He sold the items by travelling in areas like Hakeempet, Tolichowki, Ahmed Nagar and First Lancer which is continued even today. This way he raises an income of Rs. 200 to 250 per day. Praying for Mr. Zahed Ali Khan and Muslims of Hyderabad, Mohammed Khaja told that Siasat and Hyderabadi Muslims generously helped the victims of Gujarat riots which cannot be forgotten.

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