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Watch:Sonu Nigam’s Concert in jet plane, crew member shown the door

Watch:Sonu Nigam’s Concert in jet plane, crew member shown the door

A performance by Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam on flight has created problems for the cabin crew. Taking the incident seriously, Jet Airways has cracked the whip and removed all cabin crew members on the flight.

Airways had suspended five air-hostesses who allowed singer Sonu Nigam to use the plane’s address system to break into song, delighting not just the passengers, but also others who watched the video online?

Nigam surprised passengers on board a chartered flight from Jodhpur to Mumbai on 4 January by taking control of the in-flight intercom and singing Bollywood numbers. The famous singer nonchalantly made his way to the microphone and performed ‘Do Pal Ruka’ from Veer-Zaara (2004).

He was delighted when a few of his co-passengers joined in, and encouraged them by saying “Aap bhi gaate hain. My God, saare singers hain!” (You also sing. My God, everyone’s a singer here!)

According to the notice, the airline was charged with permitting use of cellphones in the air to take pictures “against present regulation” as use of personal electronic devices in airplane mode was not allowed at the time. “(The airline) might have instigated passengers to become unruly.It is established that (the airline) failed to observe various safety regulations.”