Sorry tale of Minorities: In Pakistan comedy means calling Hindus ‘dog’

, 7:32 PM IST

While the sorry plight of minority Hindus is Pakistan is well known, a ‘comedy show’ aired on a TV channel in the predominately Muslim country has taken the issue to a new low.

The show ‘Sawa Teen’ aired on Neo TV on April 8 had a comedian Sajan Abbas, who was acting as a dealer of conscience, use the words ‘’Hindu Kutta’ (Hindu dog) in the clip.

The studio audience loved the words and they appreciated the ‘humour’ with a loud applause and laughter.

The shocking fact is that it was allowed to go on air keeping in the mind there are five million Hindus in Pakistan. These derogatory remarks for Hindus clearly depict the plight of minorities in Pakistan. It is to be noted that Pakistan has 5 Million Hindus.