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Stop Dalit & Muslim genocide: Wara Wara Rao

Stop Dalit & Muslim genocide: Wara Wara Rao

Hyderabad: Revolutionary writer Wara Wara Rao accused state governmentsof killing Dalits and Muslims in Malkangiri and Bhopal encounters in the name of naxalism and terrorism. Addressing a protest meeting held by Civil Liberties Committee (Telangana) here at Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, Wara Wara Rao said Dalit and Muslim genocide in the name of terrorism and naxalism should stop. He said no religion of the world teaches terrorism, especially Islam never teaches that; despite that Muslim youth are implicated in wrong cases. It is a deliberate plan to kill them in encounter. Wara Wara Rao said Maoists took up arms only after justice was denied to them by the governments.

Social activist Prof. Hara Gopal said fight against imperialism is termed as Maoism while imperial forces are exploiting natural resources for their personal use. He said tribals have right over natural resources of the country but the state government are snatching away their right from them and are handing over the same to investors. Prof. Hara Gopal proposed for a united platform.

Prof. P L Vishweshwar Rao said shedding the blood of innocent people in the name of development model has become the practice of state governments.

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