“Stop using me,” says Ansari who crowned as ‘Face of Gujarat riots’

, 4:42 PM IST

Ahmedabad: Qutubuddin Ansari, the man clad in a blood-stained shirt and deep fear, seen with folded hands begging for mercy, for life became the defining image of 2002 Gujarat riots.

Qutubuddin Ansari, tailor has taken a strong exception to Congress’ decision which is trying to attract the electorate by using his pictures for the Assam and West Bengal assembly polls, as per Mumbai Mirror.

It has been 14 years since 2002 riots happened, but Ansari who became ‘face of the riots” is not a happy man and annoyed by continuously misused by political parties, Bollywood and even terror organizations.

“I am 43 and in the past 14 years, I have been “used and misused” by political parties, Bollywood and even terror outfits. I wish I had died in 2002 because I am not able to answer my children when they ask me “Papa, every time we saw your picture, why are you crying and begging?”

“Every time this happens, life becomes more difficult for me. Tomorrow everyone will know and people will question my motives. In fact, I did not even know about this,” Ansari says.

Soon after the riots, Ansari had fled to West Bengal but later returned to Gujarat.