Tuesday , October 11 2016
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Sunni scholar addresses a ‘Majlis’ in Lucknow first time


Lucknow: For the first time in India, a Sunni Muslim cleric addressed a ‘Majlis’ of Shia Muslims held at Asafi Imambara in old city of Lucknow. It was addressed by Maulana Kamal Ahmad Shamshi Tehrani, of Tonk in Rajasthan on the invitation extended by Shia cleric, Maulana Kalbe Jawad.

It may be noted that Shia ‘Majlis’ is usually addressed by Shia Ulema to mourn the martyrdom of Hazrath Imam Husain (R.A.), the youngest grandson of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) which took place in Karbala (Iraq) fourteen centuries ago.. This step was taken to bridge the gap between Shia and Sunni communities in Lucknow to avoid Shia-Sunni clashes. It was attended a large number of devotes.

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