This survey report proves that the cases of “Triple Talaq” are extremely rare among Indian Muslims

, 9:43 PM IST

New Delhi: According to the survey conducted by Centre for Research and Debates in Development Policy (CRDDP), incidents of ‘Triple Talaq’ among Muslims in India are rare. It is the Government, few political parties and media who are trying to sensationalize the matter.

In an online survey conducted by CRDDP which was conducted between March and May 2017, 20671 persons including 3811 woman took part. Among these persons only 331 reported of Talaq. Out of 331, only one case of “Triple Talaq” incident was reported.

According to the report published in TwoCircles, quarter of the divorces occurred in the presence of Quazi and Darul Kaza and other religious institutions, in 36.2% cases of the divorces, man pronounced “Talaq” once a month over three months in the presence of elders of the family, in 16.9% cases of the divorces, NGOs, Panchayats etc. was present and 21.1% divorces occurred through courts.

It is to be mentioned that in the survey, questionnaire was available in English, Roman Urdu, Hindi and Urdu. In the survey, respondents were asked to select the options for ‘multiple choice questions’.

Survey also reveals that in 126 instances out of 331, woman herself has sought khula. In 54 divorce cases, parents of the women initiated and accomplished woman’s khula.  In only one instance out of 331 talaqs, Triple Talaq was pronounced.

Study further reveals that the percentage of married women is highest amongst Muslims (87.8%) compared to Hindus (86.2%), Christians (83.7%) and other religious minorities (85.8%).

It may be further noted that the percentage of widowed women is least amongst Muslims (11.1%) compared to Hindus (12.9%), Christians (14.6%) and other religious Minorities (13.3%). The percentage of separated and abandoned women is also least amongst the Muslims (0.67%) compared to Hindus (0.69%), Christians (1.19%) and other religious Minorities (0.68%).

When researchers consulted four Qazis from ‘Darul Quaza (family court)’ who are authorized to effect Khula or Talaq in the city of Hyderabad, it is revealed by one of the Qazi that he came across only two cases of Triple Talaq. Another Qazi who is practicing for the last 15 years and settled 160 divorce cases said that out of 160, 130 were Khula, 21 were regular Talaq and only 9 were Triple Talaq.

It is to be noted that Nikah can be performed by many Qazis in the city whereas Khula and Talaq can be settled by only four Qazis.

Reacting to the result of survey, President, All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat, Navaid Hamid said that the study exposed the fact and the real agenda of people behind the issue. He also said that the real motive behind the issue is not the gender justice but to create atmosphere of hatred and to humiliate Muslims.

Talking to, he said that the target is not only Muslim community but also their faith.