Telangana govt wants Nizam Sugar to be run in cooperative way

, 6:32 AM IST

Hyderabad: Trs MP Kalwakuntla Kavitha today said that Telangana government wants farmers to run the Nizam Sugar Factory (presently Nizam Deccan Sugars Ltd) in a co-operative format.

“From the past two years, our government is making sincere efforts to take it (Nizam Sugar Factory) over and hand it over to the farmers to run it in a cooperative format. Government has already compensated Rs 66 crore to sugarcane farmers who have suffered losses,” Kavitha told reporters here.

“Our CM (K Chandrashekar Rao) asked the farmers to run the factory in the form of a cooperative society. We would encourage cooperative running of the sugar factories by the farmers. Our government is very supportive of this initiative,” she said.

“We always opposed privatisation of this particular sugar factory…We still oppose it. The company had removed some employees and has gone to Board of Industrial Finance and Restructuring (BIFR). I believe this legal tangle should be cleared soon and farmers will take over this sugar factory to run in cooperative manner,” Kavitha added.