Telangana-Maharashtra irrigation pact historic – Kadiyam Srihari

Telangana-Maharashtra irrigation pact historic – Kadiyam Srihari

Hyderabad: Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Kadiyam Srihari told that the recently inked Telangana-Maharashtra irrigation pact is historic. He was talking to newsmen in Hanamkunda yesterday. He further told that as per the award of Godavari Water Tribunal, Telangana should get 950 TMC water. In the same manner, the State should get 300 TMC water from Krishna River. He blamed the former governments for not utilizing the quantum of water allocated for State. He mentioned that the Congress leaders are saying that agreements were made with Maharashtra in 1975 and 2012. If this was so, why were not the projects completed? Why a letter was written to CM of Maharashtra for not raising the height of the project up to 152 meters at Tammadi Hatti. It was advised to CM of Maharashtra to limit the height of the project up to 148 feet. Now, the project has been redesigned to utilize the remaining water.

He further told that at Matrigadda in Kaleshwaram, another project is being constructed which will give 180 TMC more water to Telangana. By constructing a project at Tammadi Hatti, 160 TMC more water could be utilized. With the construction of both these projects, 36 hectares of land would be irrigated. He criticized the Congress Govt. that despite spending Rs. 80 thousand crore, not a single project was constructed. He termed Congressmen as corrupt. They distributed sweets when High Court rejected Mallannasagar project but when an appeal was made, these decision was revoked. The faces of Congressmen became sorrowful after the revocation of the judgment. He told that CBI will probe into all the irregularities done in Congress regime.

Present on this occasion were ZP Chairperson, Ms. Padma, Mr. N. Narinder, Mayor, Mr. Sitaram Naik, MP, Mr. Vinay Bhaskar, Ms. Konda Srikha, Mr. R.V. Ramesh (MLAs), Mr. T. Ravindra Rao, District President and others.

Rallies were taken out of Hanamkunda, Warangal and other places to celebrate Telangana-Maharashtra irrigation pact. Mr. K. Sri Hari flagged off these rallies.

–Siasat News