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Temple secretly damaged by Hindu – Muslims blamed!

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‘Why did he travel 350 kms and choose a temple in the district with the largest Muslim population in the state, that too in the month of Ramadan? ”

Thiruvananthapuram: A temple in a village near Nilambur in Malappuram district was found damaged and the idols vandalized on Saturday. The incident was immediately followed by curfews and strikes led a couple of Hindutva groups.


Additionally a campaign was commenced, direct and through social media, urging Hindus in Kerala to be ready to open refugee camps across the southern districts of the state. There were also rumours of possible Muslim involvement which resulted in the escalation of the religious tension in the area.


However, within 24 hours the local cops arrested Mohanakumar SS, a Thiruvananthapuram native, in connection with the temple desecration case and booked him under IPC Section 153A (promoting enmity between different groups on the grounds of religion) among other sections.


Mohana Kumar confessed to the crime and the only motive he said was ‘to protest against the bad customs in the Hinduism’. The police said he is a goon for hire and is an accused in a murder that happened 11 years ago.


Some of the creepy questions are:


  • Why did Mohanakumar travelled more than 350 kms just to protest against bad customs?
  • Why did he co-incidentally choose a temple in the district with the largest Muslim population in the state?
  • Also, the incident happened the very next day after the cattle slaughter ban order was announced and on the first day of Ramadan and the day of the beef fests. Too much of a co-incidence, don’t you think?


To be noted, in 2002 Gujarat riots,  a similar incident took place where a prominent local newspaper had reported an incident that the bodies of two Hindu women were found on the banks of a river. Later it was proved to be a fabricated story.