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There’s a museum devoted to broken loveships

There’s a museum devoted to broken loveships

London : The latest addition to Hollywood Boulevard’s long parade of crazy is a museum devoted to heartbreaks.

The Museum of Broken Relationships, which opened this month in Los Angeles, exhibits 104 objects salvaged from the wreckage of failed or expired relationships, reports the Independent.

On show are everyday objects submitted by ordinary people. There’s an empty tube of toothpaste, a torn pair of blue jeans, a collection of Brazilian Playboy back issues. There’s even a tiny vial of pubic hair.

Assistant director Amanda Vandenberg insists that Los Angeles is a perfect location for it as “There’s so much history and so many broken relationships associated with the Walk of Fame. LA is a city of wild hopes and dreams – and all the defeats that come with that.”

The original Museum of Broken Relationships was founded 10 years ago in Zagreb, Croatia. But when the American lawyer and art collector John B Quinn came across it on a European vacation, he was so taken with the concept that he decided to import it to LA.

The museum is “a very sophisticated piece of conceptual art,” says Vandenberg. “When you go through a separation from another human being, whether it’s romantic or familial or with a friend, you feel like no one has hurt that way before, no one has felt like that – but you read these stories and realise that other people have, and it makes you feel very connected.” (ANI)