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Topical Mushaira on ‘Muslim Reservations’ on Sunday

Topical Mushaira on ‘Muslim Reservations’ on Sunday

Siasat Daily will be organising a mushaira entitled ‘Muslim Reservations’ in connection with the ongoing reservation movement, on Sunday, May 29. Siasat had invited poetry from Urdu poets on the above mentioned topic which received an overwhelming response. The institution received over 200 poems and ghazals, of which some very standard poetries have been selected for the mushaira, due to time constraint.

Besides this the poetry sent by the poets will also be published in the literary edition of Siasat Daily. The complete list of the poets who sent their poetry will also be published after mushaira.

The mushaira to be held on Sunday, May 29, at 4 pm will be presided over by Mr. Amer Ali Khan, News editor Siasat. Mr. Ashfaq Asfi will convene the mushaira.

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