Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Tougher decisions needed for reforms: Venkaiah

Union minister for Information & Broadcasting M Venkaiah Naidu today felt there was a need for solid and courageous decisions when the country was going through a change.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken demonetization of big currency notes to fight against black money and corruption in the country, he said while speaking at a function here. “Only some people have wealth and if we take action against tax- evaders, poor people will benefit”, he said.


Venkaiah said India is shining but this was not stated by the Prime Minister. It was rating institutions which declared that India (Bharat) is shining. The Union government would keep a watch on benami properties. Banks have received huge cash after announcement of demonetization which would led to low interest rates, the Union minister said. “If we want transparency in banking, every body should have a bank account,” Venkaiah Naidu said. (NSS)