Sunday , July 23 2017
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TPCC decries Rules committee decision on MLAs suspension

Hyderabad: Condemning the Assembly Rules Committee’s decision to impose one year of suspension if an MLA disrupts the speech of the Governor during the budget session, TPCC Chief official spokesperson Dasoju Sravan asked the Rules Committee to review its decision, which was unconstitutional and undemocratic.
Speaking to the media at Gandhi Bhavan here on Wednesday, Sravan said the MLAs would express their dissent by placards and by raising slogans against the government and it was not proper on the part of the government to suppress the freedom of expression by making a decision to suspend the MLAs, who disrupt the Governor’s speech, when the Governor’s speech fails to mention the public grievances. He also said the members would obstruct the House when the government failed to listen to the public issues raised by the members.
“The main aim of running the House was to discuss the public issues. But the government took a decision in a manner that would suppress voice of the MLAs”, he said. Reminding the act of disruption of Governer’s speech by TRS MLAs, including Harish Rao, Etela Rajender, KTR and others competitively by scaling benches, throwing papers and removing the seat of Governor, Sravan asked whether it was possible for them in case then united Andhra Pradesh Assembly took such ‘Suspension’ decisions. The decisions of the TRS government were dictatorial and dynastic instead of democratic and transparent in the new Telangana state. These decisions will be in a manner that they will obstruct the public issues, and controlling the Opposition leaders, he alleged. He also demanded that the Speaker review the decision and take the decision back and allow the House to run in a democratic manner. (NSS)