Treatment of Cancer, AIDS etc through herbal medicines: Remakant’s claim

, 8:49 AM IST

Hyderabad: There is no religion of illness and poverty. Every religion preaches peace and love. These thoughts were expressed by Sri Ramakantji Sheropante of Mahrashtra.

He told Mr. Syed Mazher Ali, Photo Journalist of Siasat Urdu Daily that he was an employee of Forest Department were he used to take care of animals. He also took interest in herbs and medical plants.

He treats patients from Cancer, AIDS and other fatal diseases. If a patient gets 20% relief, he is given medicines for four to six months for complete cure. He has been treating patients for the past 20-30 years. For further details patient can contact him at the following address: Sri Ramakantji Sheropante, Somawar Main Road, Lakshmi Bai Park, Chikaldara, Amaravati District Maharashtra State. Phone: 09421739603, 09422821296.

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