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TS to work with Britain in ‘ease of doing business’

TS to work with Britain in ‘ease of doing business’

British High Commissioner in India Dominic Ashquint has said the Great Britain was ready to work with Telangana government in ‘ease of doing business’ sector.

The British diplomat had a meeting with IT Minister KT Rama Rao here on Wednesday. After one-and-a-half hour meeting, Ashquint said his country was ready to extend cooperation in the construction of smart cities in Telangana State.

On the occasion, Rama Rao explained to the British High Commissioner about the Telangana government’s IT and industrial programs and the policies prepared by the Telangana government. Extending greetings to the TS IPASS policy, Ashquint opined that the research will get support from the Telangana government’s T-Hub program. Both KTR and Ashquint expressed their readiness for the share in Echo System startup in Britain.

KTR said already eight States visited the T-Hub and were contemplating to take such program in their States. On the occasion, KTR urged the British High Commissioner to see the States as a unit instead of a nation while examining the respective government’s policies and facilities. The Telangana State was in top position in ‘ease of doing business’ and it was showing the work nature of the State, he said. The Telangana government was giving top priorities to IT, Pharma, Life Sciences, Aero Space etc. The government was preparing a special policy on Aero Space sector for investments. The government will extend its full cooperation to the companies which come forward to invest in Telangana State. “I personally tried to make the Boeing Company as partner of TATA to set up a company in Hyderabad”, KTR said. The Minister said Telangana has become an attractive destination to the investors in IT sector. The world top four IT companies were setting up their huge campuses on Hyderabad. The government was going to set up Big Data Center Park in Hyderabad, he revealed.

The British High Commissioner said the Clean Tech Companies were showing interest here. “We will activate Indo-British Business Council further to increase the investment opportunities”, he said. The Commissioner invited KTR to participate in the Indo-British workshop on ‘ease of doing business’. The Commissioner praised the thought of Telangana government to set up Stet Desk in Briton. Commissioner opined that the business and commercial relations will increase with these steps.

Industries Principal Secretary Aravind Kumar and other higher officials participated in the meeting. (NSS)