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TV actor Anuj Saxena under CBI scanner in corruption case

TV actor Anuj Saxena under CBI scanner in corruption case

NEW DELHI: ‘Kkusum’ actor Anuj Saxena, come under CBI scanner in an alleged Rs 20 lakh bribery case involving Director General of Corporate Affairs B K Bansal.

Bansal was arrested along with Vishwadeep Bansal for accerpting of bribe of Rs.9 lakh to favour a corporate firm. The agency came to know about Anuj’s involvement during investigation of Bansal.

An FIR has been registered against Anuj alleging that his company had bribed Bansal to ensure that he does not order an Serious Fraud Inspection Office inspection against his Pharmaceuticals company for charges of illegal collection of Rs 175 crore from 24,000 investors, diverting funds to companies abroad, and not making returns on due time.

Anuj is believed to be abroad, and calls made to Alok Saxena, Director Elder Pharma, remained unanswered and the email sent to the ID given on the company’s website also remained unresponded.

The Registrar of Companies in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs alleged that Elder Pharmaceuticals had lured them offering attractive rates of interest ranging from 9.5 per cent to 11.5 per cent to investors on deposits ranging from a 12-36 month period. Over 1000 such complaints were made to RoC, they said.

CBI spokesperson said. “The Director General, Corporate Affairs allegedly demanded a bribe of Rs 50 lakh for not recommending investigation by the SFIO on the inspection report and finally, the Delhi-based middleman Vishwadeep negotiated Rs 20 lakh. The accused officer had earlier allegedly accepted Rs 11 lakh and was demanding the balance amount of Rs 9 lakh.”