Saturday , October 15 2016
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TV serials led to death of 7-year-old girl, find out how


Burdwan (WB): A class three girl was found hanging from a rope tied up with a window grill in Burdwan district and her grandparents told the police that she used to imitate scenes from popular TV serials.

A police officer on Wednesday said Sangeeta Majhi (7), who was alone at that time, was declared dead by the doctor after her grandparents came back and went inside the house in Burdwan town area and brought down the girl.

The grandparents and neighbours told the police that Sangeeta used to imitate scenes of TV serials before them and today she came back after watching a popular soap at her neighbour’s house in an excited state.

However, as the grandparents went to a nearby place for sometime leaving her alone and her parents also away, there was none to keep a vigil on the girl.

A sobbing Sukumar Majhi, father of the girl studying in class three, said his daughter was addicted to serials and loved to imitate the action before elders.

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