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Two hundred prisoners escape in a jailbreak in Indonesia

Two hundred prisoners escape in a jailbreak in Indonesia
Picture Credit: DC

Jakarta: A place where jailbreaks are common due to overcrowded and unsanitary prisons, 200 prisoners fled, in a massive jailbreak. While they were taken to the Friday prayer in a Muslim majority Sumatra island, they broke out prison in western Indonesia.

Out of 277 prisoners, 77 were recaptured while others were able to escape. A massive search operation has been started and all routes have been blocked by the police, reported DC.

“About 200 escaped, but at least 77 people have been recaptured,” local police spokesman Guntur Aryo Tejo said.

The male-only prison has a capacity of 300 people but was holding 1,870 inmates, with only five guards and a porter on duty at any one time, director general of prisons, I Wayan Dusak said.

Other prisoners who did not escape, refused to return to their cells without a head guard. The prisoners wanted the head guard to be replaced, Dusak informed.

In another jailbreak in 2013, 150 prisoners were escaped from a jail on western Sumatra island, including terror convicts