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‘Unholy’ alliances cannot defeat ‘holy’ BJP: Javadekar

‘Unholy’ alliances cannot defeat ‘holy’ BJP: Javadekar

Chennai : Taking on Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s call to all political parties to unite against the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to defeat in upcoming elections, Union Minister of State for Environment, Forests and Climate Change Prakash Javadekar on Sunday said it will remain a dream and people throw such alliances out even if they succeeded by chance in Bihar – “unholy alliances cannot defeat holy BJP”.

“Somehow, Nitish Kumar has admitted that no single party can defeat the BJP. The BJP is a dominant party, a majority party and a major party, which is liked by many people, and therefore, the vested interests of many parties are not getting fulfilled. Thus, they want to ally to create an alliance, which will remain a dream and people will also throw such alliances. Even if succeeded by chance in Bihar, it will not get succeed anywhere else – unholy alliances cannot defeat holy BJP,” he said.

Reprimanding violence and rigging in the West Bengal assembly elections, Javadekar said, “As Trinamool Congress (TMC) is losing its ground, they are resorting to violence and rigging. We brought to the notice of Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners all the facts. They resorted to violence because they think that only can save them from their defeat. But, let me tell you that violence cannot stop people from voting the way they want to vote.”

Commenting on the liquor menace in Tamil Nadu, he said, “We are the protagonist of saving poor people, because poor people and poor families are affected by the liquor menace, which is promoted by both DMK and ADMK. ‘DMK and ADMK were for the liquor barons, of the liquor barons and by the liquor barons’, and therefore, they have no right and nobody will believe them, buut we are committed to implement our policies.”

When asked about the BJP’s manifesto for Tamil Nadu, he said, “We will give a complete and comprehensive manifesto, but heroes don’t come out of manifestos. Heroes come out of people’s confidence and electoral victory. (ANI)