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Unity of the Muslims need of the hour – Seerat Seminar

Hyderabad: Muslims all over the world are leading the life of humiliation since they have abandoned the Sharia of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Unity of the Muslims is the need of the hour since forces hostile to Muslims are hatching conspiracies to divide the Muslims in the name of sectarianism. Muslims should progress through acquisition of knowledge since knowledge is the only way which ensures progress.


It is essential that we should communicate Islamic Sharia to our compatriots. We can do this by behaving in a humanitarian way with them.


International seminar on the seerat of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was held in Taleemabad yesterday. Maulana Sayeed-ur-Rahman Azmi presided over the seminar. Maulana Saud Alam Qasmi narrated the incident of exhuming the dead body from a grave and said that this is the worst example of sectarian differences. The comments on this event are very deplorable. A Hindu commented that it is good that he is a Hindu since everybody is allowed to cremate dead bodies in the crematorium. Such comments are regrettable for the Muslim Ummah.


Dy.CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali told that Muslim scholars should get modern education in order to play their role in the development of society. He lamented that Allah (SWT) bestowed Arab countries with the riches but they are wasting their wealth on weapons of war. He stressed the need to eradicate poverty through education.


Maulana Syed Wali Rahmani advised the Muslims to recollect the incidence of the wars of Badar and Hunain and also to remember the compromise made by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on the occasion of Hudaibia War. Muslim Ummah is forgetting the concept of forgiveness.


Maulana Mahmood Madani told that Muslims should play a major role in overcoming the difficulties country is facing.


Maulana Sayeed-ur-Rahman Azmi, in his presidential address, addressed the Muslims to have better relations with the other compatriots. Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, in his key note address stressed the need for the propagation of Islam through various languages in order to remove many misunderstandings.



–Siasat News