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UNSC discusses fifth set of UN sanctions for North Korea

UNSC discusses fifth set of UN sanctions for North Korea

New York :United Nations Security Council diplomats are reportedly negotiating a draft statement that would push for tougher sanctions on North Korea to be enforced worldwide after Pyongyang’s latest test firing of medium range missiles.

The draft statement requests that all UN member states report no later than May 31st on the concrete measures they have taken to implement the sanctions resolution, reports ABC News.

It directs a UN sanctions committee to intensify its work to strengthen enforcement of resolution 2270 which was adopted in March after North Korea conducted its fourth nuclear test and fired a rocket.

The United States and China agreed on the statement but its adoption was delayed after Russia requested more time to consider the text, diplomats said.

The United States requested the meeting after a series of test firings and as fears grew that the secretive country is preparing to conduct a fifth nuclear test.

The measure strongly condemns the most recent failed ballistic missile launches and demands that North Korea refrain from further actions that violate UN resolutions.

The council responded with its toughest sanctions to date, angering the North, which has since made repeated threats of attacks targeting Seoul and Washington.

Among the sweeping measures is a new requirement that all countries must inspect cargo destined for and coming from North Korea, in all airports and sea ports.

The resolution bans or restricts exports of coal, iron and iron ore and other minerals from North Korea, and prohibits the supply of aviation fuel including rocket fuel.

It was the fifth set of UN sanctions to hit North Korea since it first tested an atomic device in 2006.(ANI)