Upsetting video: Badly burned Syrian child treated with mud

, 3:51 PM IST

Homs: An upsetting video footage of a badly burned Syria child has been emerged whose wounds were treated with mud.

Video released by Homs Media Centre on Sunday, shows a toddler shaking in pain with wounds allegedly caused by an incendiary weapon similar to napalm- an internationally banned substance.

“After the bombing by war planes stopped, they began firing napalm,” a doctor said, according to al-Jazeera. “Some of the patients were burnt.”

Local doctor from beseiged Syrian city of Homs said they were forced to use mud as a cooling agent because of severe shortage of medical supplies.

“Today there were 12 airstrikes and we received injuries. We are suffering a shortage of medical supplies and even available medicine has expired,” the doctor said.

“We’re using polyester bandages which worsen the injuries, because we don’t have any other options.”

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