Monday , August 21 2017
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US proposes new rules, Indian students could face hard times

Washington: United States Department of Homeland Security proposed a new rule according to which Indians and other foreigners studying in US colleges and universities are required to get permission to stay in the US every year.

According to the news published in Hindustan Times, if the administration of Donald Trump approves this law which is in the preliminary stage, students could face hard times.

It may be mentioned that around 166,000 Indians were enrolled in US colleges in 2016. Out of all foreign students in the US, students from India and China together accounted for 47%.

Under the proposal, students may be required to reapply for the permission to stay in the US if they wish to change from one programme to another. They may also require taking permission if they fail to complete the programme in time.

However, it is likely that these moves may not only be resisted by students but also by colleges and universities of US which make money from the tuition fee paid by foreign students.

It is also reported that already there is a drop in the number of admissions in colleges and universities of US.