US suggests India, Pak to pursue ‘closer counter-terrorism’ cooperation

, 10:29 AM IST

Washington: Maintaining their diplomatic streak over India and Pakistan, the United States has called on both nations to pursue closer counter-terrorism cooperation as it would ‘benefit’ the regions which have been marred by terrorism.

In reply to a question at a press briefing talking about counter-terrorism efforts by the countries U.S. State Department deputy spokesperson Mark Toner said that there is some level of counterterrorism cooperation between India and Pakistan and also dialogue, which the US wants to see being augmented.

“This is something that’s in both Pakistan and India’s interest to pursue a closer counterterrorism cooperation for the region. It’s good for the region,” Toner said.

Earlier, the US had said that it is concerned about the allegations of gross violations of human rights in Pakistan by its security forces during its counterterrorism operations.(ANI)