Sunday , August 20 2017
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Use natural food: Etala, Jupally

Finance Minister Etala Rajender and Panchayat Raj Minister Jupally Krishna Rao today launched Lakshyas Natural Foods Store here.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajender stressed the need for using healthy and natural foods besides using organic fertilisers for better agriculture production and replace chemical fertilisers. “This is the time for using natural foods that sans substandard material or fake or spurious items”, the minister said. He got nostalgic saying that in previous days they used to take food prepared in earthen pots, bowls, utensils and drink waters from pots made of soil. Now that the modern age culture has set aside the past methods of using natural foods and use of organic fertilizers, he said.

He also expressed concern that the present day generation is getting accustomed to use fast and junk foods that are not good for health. Rajender appreciated the food store owner Sathish for taking a challenge of trying to provide pure and healthy food items to the people. It is good to conduct a research in US and India on such natural methods and adopting favourable farm practices. Krishna Rao said that the people should use pure and standard food items for remaining healthy. Eating of fast foods will lead to health hazards and the youth should be wary of it he warned. Rao also sought that the present day generation, IT employees and students going to colleges are indulging in fast food which is not right. Rao suggested the youth to create a healthy society by preferring healthy foods and keep at bay the diseases. (NSS)