Beef ban hurts economy, Vedic Indians were beef-eaters: Chairman of Godrej group hits out at BJP govt

, 6:50 PM IST

Adi Godrej, the chairman of USD 4.1 billion Godrej group lashes out at BJP led government for prohibition and beef ban in the country, stating that these government policies hurting the country’s economy.

Godrej Group, with diverse interests in fast moving consumer goods, real estate, consumer durables and furniture, is the first leading voice from India Inc to speak out against beef ban and prohibition and point out its adverse impact on the economy.

Speaking to IE, Adi Godrej said that “ In Vedic times, Indians were beef-eaters. There is nothing against beef in our religion. It is a practice that evolved over years of drought, and the elders said don’t slaughter cows, preserve them for milk for children. That has turned into a religious belief. This is ridiculous. Vedic Indians were beef-eaters,” Godrej added.

However, he said that the Centre’s policies over the last two years have been good. Expressing belief that India will gradually emerge as a strong developed country, he says prohibition are made to win elections and get women’s votes. Bihar has brought prohibition on liquor, and prohibition is bad for the economy.

“Some of the things are affecting growth, for example, the ban on beef in some states. (This) is clearly affecting agriculture, affecting rural growth. Because what do you do with all these extra cows? It is also affecting business, because this was a good source of income for many farmers. So that’s a negative,” he said.

Praising the Bombay High Court judgement, he said, “Now the Bombay High Court has said that alright you can stop the slaughter of cows, but you can’t stop consumption. It’s silly to say that possession of meat, which is eaten all over the world, is a crime”.