Video: Fan stalked Bollywood actress, asked her to meet personally

, 7:47 AM IST
Bollywood actress

Mumbai: Fans of Bollywood actress enjoyed a lot on social sites. They are also sometimes subjected to criticism but Actress, Taapsee Pannu recently faced a stalking fan on Twitter who went on calling her for personal meeting which she decline politely.

A man from Kolkata wanted to know if Taapsee would meet her. When she declined politely, he started calling her continuously. The father of the person contacted her under the pretext of discussing a film project. The actress let him off with a warning.


According to the news published in TOI, Taapsee says, “This situation was first of its kind. This person insisted that I should come to his wedding only then he will take my company’s services. When I told him I am busy during those dates, he made his father call me. All this, even- though, he hasn’t even decided who he is marrying. I asked him to find his bride first and then ask for my presence. This didn’t stop him either; he then claimed to have a script for me sent by a director to him, so I should get in touch with him for the same soon. I love my fans and cherish the love they bestow upon me but this got a little difficult to handle”.