Video: Mother-of-three who holds the world record in Abu Dhabi for the most knuckle push-ups in one hour

, 8:24 AM IST

Abu Dhabi: The ultra-fit Australian mother-of-three has broken a new Guinness World Record in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. She managed to achieve an incredible 725 pull-ups in just one hour in front of cheering families and fans in Al Wahda Mall.

Clarke is an eight -time record holder and in 2014 broke the world record for the most knuckle push-ups in one hour by completing 1,272, as well as the record for the most number of burpees by accomplishing 8,718 in 12 hours, and achieving 12,003 in 24 hours.

Eva Clarke, 36, has started first as a trainer for the Australian military in 1999 before transferring to the Airforce as a fitness instructor from 2008-2012.

She is also attempting to break the world record for the most number of pull-ups in 12 hours and 24 hours.

Clark’s true passion lies in the dedication and commitment in changing peoples’ lives through charities, including the NGO charity, Task Brasil, which aims to give a decent living to street children.

She said. ‘At the end of the day they know I’m doing it for a charity or a cause.’

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After completing the first world record in the first hour, she said that she wants to help orphaned or abandoned kids. “I want people to simply help those in need,” she said.

She said. “They can help them through any charity. “I came from humble beginnings, and I want others to be aware about the world around them, so I choose to put my body on the line to simply inspire people.”

Clarke pointed out that women should not feel held back from accomplishing their aspirations, hopes and dreams, noting that they should “just go for it”.

Her husband, Scott said. “A woman should not stand behind the man, she should stand in front of him.”  He is certainly standing by his wife’s side, he said superwoman has continued to make him proud. “I’m so proud of her, but she makes me proud every day, so breaking another world record is just a little bonus.”