Video: Read Holy Quran and get free petrol, says Indonesian Company

, 4:17 PM IST

Jakarta: Petrol is widely used in Indonesia as majority of Indonesia uses motorcycle as a mode pf transportation.

Therefore, to encourage devout Muslims during Ramadan, state-owned Pertamina Company is offering two liters of free petrol per chapter to those motorcyclists who read Holy Quran.

Prayer rooms  has been set up in the gas stations to accommodate the motorists.

They are greeted by posters advertising free petrol if they read the Quran during Ramadan, according to Asharq Al-Awsat.

Jakarta resident Moetawakkir  after nearly 30 minutes of reading on his second visit in two days said:

“We all know that if we do something good we will get a reward. By reading Quran here every day, we can read the whole Quran by the end of the month while our tank is full.”

As per the program organizers, the goal is to promote Islam in society.

Arif Budiman, who runs the Pertamina’s MT Haryono gas station said:

“We’d like to show appreciation to those who love reading the Qur’an. We give two liters of free petrol for every one chapter of the Quran that they read.”

This offer will facilitate common citizens and will run until the end of the holy month.