Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Video: Rhino chasing cars on Assam road

A recent video posted on Facebook by ‘North-East Of India’ shot a surprising video of a Rhino charging widely on Assam road.

The rhino is seen chasing cars that are coming towards it.

The poor animal seemed confused and chases cars that come towards him, and goes on running for two minutes and then turns itself towards the farm on the other side of the road.

The video garnered about 13 million views and was shared 2 lakh times.

Many people could not believe the video and trolled the page admin saying the video is ‘fake’ or even ‘edited’ but the admin was quick in responding which almost answered one and all.

“In rainy seasons, its a regular view in Assam. GO to near by areas of Kaziranga national park and other national park of Assam , u will get this kind of scenario,” they commented.

The couple who shot the video was commenting as well in excitement. “Damn. Look at the size of the thing. I thought I only saw this on bloody African movies. I’m doing it today myself,” says the man.

The video was also shared on twitter and was retweeted for more than 18,000 times.