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Viqaruddin’s associates confirmed innocent, acquitted of all charges

Viqaruddin’s associates confirmed innocent, acquitted of all charges

Hyderabad: The three associates of Tehreek Ghalba e Islam (TGI) were acquitted on Wednesday by II additional metropolitan sessions judge in a case of killing a home guard in 2009, on the second anniversary of Mecca Masjid bomb blast.

The anti terror outfit Octopus, has arrested the trio Riyaz Khan, Mohammed Abdul Sayeed and Vinod Kumar Sahu for allegedly killing home guard K Balaswamy and injuring another constable by opening fire while they were performing duty at Nagulchinta Crossroads roads in Falaknuma in 2009.

Mohammed Muzafarullah Khan, the counsel for the three acquitted persons said.”But the judge after going into the details of the evidence produced by CIC found that there is insufficient evidence to prove the connection between the three accused to the conspiracy, as alleged by the prosecution. The court in its judgement also observed that the prosecution could not prove the recoveries made by them to the given case.”

They were charged with 302 (murder) and 307 (attempt to murder) of IPC along with relevant sections of the Arms Act and Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) by prosecution.

The Counter Intelligence Cell (CIC) officials alleged that the trio wanted to avenge the deaths of those killed in the police firing in Mecca Masjid blast of 2007.

Cops claimed that in 2009 incident the accused used a 7.65 mm pistol to shoot at the policemen on the second anniversary of the tragic bombing of the historic mosque.

At first the case was registered by the Falaknuma Police then transferred to Octopus and later it was taken over by the CIC which filed a charge-sheet against the Tehreek Ghalba-e-Islam founder Viqaruddin Ahmed alias Viqar and his seven associates.

In 2015 encounter at Alair, Viqaruddin and four others were killed by Telangana police when one of them attempted to overpower the security personnel escorting them and snatch a weapon in a bid to escape. While they were being brought from Warangal Central Jail to Nampally court for a scheduled court hearing.

It is said Viquar asked the police to stop the van on the pretext of answering nature’s call soon after they crossed Warangal district border. While getting back into the vehicle, Viquar in a sudden move snatched a weapon from one of the policemen while his associates pounced on the other policemen.

However, the trial continued against the remaining three accused Riyaz Khan, Sayeed , Vinod.The court gave its verdict after hearing the final arguments of special public prosecutor for CIC Challa Seshu Reddy and defence counsel Mohammed Muzaffarullah Khan.