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Waqf Board lacks work culture and discipline

Waqf Board lacks work culture and discipline

Hyderabad: Chief Executive Officer M A Mannan Farooqui is leaving no stone unturned to create work culture and discipline in Waqf Board. He has issued strict orders to ensure officials and workers availability during working hours in various sections of Board and to stop intervention of unconcerned people.

Mannan Farooqui made surprise visit to various sections of Waqf Board. He was surprised to find that several workers were not on their seats. They signed the registers after arriving at the office but were not on their seats. He directed to issue memo to workers who were not present on their seats.

It must be noted that Waqf Board Chairman Mohammed Saleem has told time and against that during the past three months he had not enjoyed cooperation from the board workers which has affected Board’s performances.

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